Bunny is co-produced by Campbelltown Arts Centre (AUS) and The Substation (SIN) with support from the Australia Council for the Arts, the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria, Abrons Arts Centre (NYC), the Playking Foundation (AUS), Singapore International Foundation and the National Arts Council (SIN), Tanzfabrik (BER).


“Some works win you over immediately. Others seduce you. Others still you have to surrender to. The latter was, appropriately, the case with Bunny, a work inspired by bondage culture. Hypnotic and sublime, this was not a work for everyone. Some colleagues adored it, others found it confronting, even triggering. I found it to be ‘an intimate exploration of trust and acquiescence, artistry and sensuality, queerness and play; thrilling, exquisite and compelling.”

Richard Watts / Arts Hub (Nationwide) – 'Watts' 10 Outstanding Shows in 2017'

“How to explain to anyone not fortunate enough to witness Luke George and Daniel Kok’s Bunny that a show that involves tying up audience members in neon ropes and rolling on the floor with a fire extinguisher could be the most tender, exquisitely emotive show of TBA this year? The sweetness of our shared experience as we audience members bound and loosened each other made for a particular, intimate communion. George and Kok served as both guides and participants, teaching trust and consent as they too were constrained and contained, held in neon sailor knots as they played with the boundaries of desire and aesthetic value. And in one glorious moment of release, they broke into a joyous, choreographed dance, a duck-walking, neon-braid-swinging catharsis.”

Fiona McCann / Portland Monthly (Portland, U.S.A.) - 'Our Top 8 Moments From TBA'


May 2020 - New Baltic Dance | Vilnius, Lithuania

Mar 2020 - Perth Institute of Contemporary Art | Perth, Australia

Sep 2019 - Théåtre Garonne | ThéâtredelaCité | laBiennale Toulouse |

Toulouse, France

Sep 2019 - Taipei Arts Festival | Taiwan

Aug 2019 - Ming Contemporary Art Museum | Shanghai, China

June 2019 - Venice Biennale / Biennale Danza 2019 | Venice, Italy

May 2019 - SPRING Festival | Utrecht, Netherlands

Feb 2019 - Usine C | Montréal, Canada/Quebec

Dec 2018 - December Dance | Concertgebouw | Brugge, Belgium

Apr 2018 - Tanzquartier Wien | Vienna, Austria

Sep 2017 - T.B.A. Festival | Portland Institute of Contemporary Art | Portland, U.S.A.

Feb 2017 - Arts House | AsiaTOPA Asia-Pacific Triennial of Performing Arts | Melbourne, Australia

Sep 2016 - OzAsia Festival 2016 | Adelaide, Australia

Apr 2016 - Abrons Arts Center | New York City, U.S.A.

Feb 2016 - TPAM / Yokohama Performing Arts Meeting 2016 | Yokohama

Jan 2016 | * Premiere - Campbelltown Arts Centre | Sydney, Australia

Nov 2015 | *Installation/Preview - Dance Barents Festival | Hammerfest, Norway

Sep 2015 | *Pre-Premiere/Preview - The Substation | Singapore


Bunny - Green Room Award nomination for Best Production in Contemporary & Experimental Performance


Luke George and Daniel Kok exploit the physical properties of rope and knots to unpick the boundaries of desire, trust, consent and communion between artist and audience. In order to unravel shared lines of connection, to suspend tension and to unleash collective desires, Kok and George look to macramé, sailors’ knots, Chinese knots and rope bondage to weave together an interactive experience of collectivity. "Bunny" is a nickname given to the person being tied in rope bondage. In this work, we ask ourselves this question: What if everyone (in the theatre) is a Bunny?

Artists: Daniel Kok and Luke George

Dramaturgy: Fu Kuen Tang

Producer: Alison Halit

Lighting design: Matthew Adey / House of Vnholy

Commissioned by Campbelltown Arts Centre

Images by Bernie Ng, Christopher Frape, Sarah Walker & Hideto Maezawa